A Known World
28 October 2015

01_01_1 Map of Memories
02_02_03_Where I First Smoked
03_03_05_Where We Would Meet at Midnight
04_04_09_Where the Body Was Found
05_05_02_One Match Lit the Fire
06_08_Once, We Treed a Possum for an Entire Night
07_12_We Went Swimming, I Came Home With a Rash
08_06_06_Whiskey and Dr Pepper
09_16_ChristianAndFriends copy
12_09_13_The Meeting Hill, Kelsidonia
14_10_14_The Glades, Marisade1
15_15_Moonrise, Shadow Glen
18_24_Druids Walk, Shadow Glen
19_12_Old Minters Chapel Road
20_13_23_Dry Reach, Kelsidonia
21_14_25_Near The Place The Caprican Empire Fell
22_17_The Land of Unmentionable Horror
23_15_26_Valley of the Moguls
25_24_Study Area Framed

 To the observant wandering child, the landscape is a place of fantasy and fame. With this naive view, the scale of the world is skewed down; a field, a stand of trees, or an old road can hold the magic and possibility of the American west in 19th century frontier times. In the transition from adolescent to adult, my views of landscape have changed; but the woods near my parents’ house still hold the same mystique and wonder that I remember from my youth. These photographs are documents of my personal history, a meaningful childhood remembered.