Kaunis Suomi
28 October 2015

8 Untitled (20150728F), 20_x20_
7 Untitled (20150728D), 40_x50_
6 Untitled (20150727G), 16_x20_
5 Untitled (20150727D), 20_x28_
4 Untitled (20150725L), 40_x50_
3 Untitled (20150725J), 20_x24_
2 Untitled (20150717D), 20_x20_
1 Untitled (20150723B), 16_x20_

These photographs address the way place is interpreted through the printed image. The source images are images from a set of books I found second-hand in Finland while an Artist in Residence at Arteles Creative Center titled Kaunis Suomi or “Beautiful Finland.” The images have minimal post-processing and they have been back-lit to reveal both sides of a printed book image.