The Smaller Exotics of Texas (or, how the Barren Ground Caribou would never occupy the same space as the Javelina)

Co-curated by Diane Durant and Adam Neese
September 5-26, 2015
Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas, TX

Including works from Kenneth Craft, Dornith Doherty, Glenn Downing, Chance Dunlap, Devyn Gaudet, Clayton Hurt, Sara Macel, Diane Durant & Adam Neese, Emily Peacock, and Bryan Schutmaat.

The Smaller Exotics of Texas is an exhibition that addresses the Texas landscape and how we, as artists, interact with it—how we move through the natural and the manmade, through personal experiences and cultural expectations, from stereotypes, clichés, and shared truths to humorous inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and downright lies, like the one that got away.