People who Photograph the Maroon Bells

People who Photograph the Maroon Bells is a project where I make portraits of people who have made the photographic pilgrimage to what the city of Aspen, Colorado calls the “most photographed mountains in North America,” the Maroon Bells. These mountains are an iconic symbol of the sublime, aptly named after the color of the peaks at first light of day when the mountains are rendered a vibrant chestnut color. This title and the popularity of its beauty direct people to arrive before dawn to photograph their own version of a photograph that they have seen before.

Nine Stock Images of the Maroon Bells (pixel averaged)

Six Engagement Sessions at Maroon Lake (pixel averaged and auto aligned)

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter at the Maroon Bells, Sourced from Flickr (pixel averaged and auto aligned)

Three Black and White Photographs of the Maroon Bells Layered with an Ansel Adams (pixel averaged and auto aligned)